How to Buy a Good Headlight Bulb

26 Apr

Thanks to technology, buying a headlight bulb is much harder than it used to be previously. You may pick a watt bulb that looks exactly like the one that had been installed previously, but the chances of it functioning are minimal. It is therefore crucial that you consider a few factors before buying a bulb for your headlight. You can read more here to learn about the tips for buying a good headlight bulb in this guide.

Check the size of your bulb base and the shape of the bulb. There is a wide assortment of sizes and shapes, and they are all dependent on where you are using them. If, for instance, the bulb is an A19 with an E26 base, the E means that the lamp has an Edison screw while 26 represents the base size and it is measured in millimeters. The sizes will vary from one country to another, and it is vital that you know the standard sizes in your location. The A represents the orbitary which is also the shape in the case of bulbs, and 19 represents the size. Check brightest led bulb to learn more.

Determine the amount of light you need. It is no longer advisable to use wattage to determine whether or not a bulb will perfectly replace the older bulb. Instead of basing on watts, make your decision by looking at the number of lumens. This is the best way to determine how much light it produces, unlike watts which measure how much energy it uses. There will always be a watt equivalent, but you will make a better choice by looking at the lumens. They will also have a rating for the maximum watts they can handle safely. You can go with an energy saving bulb and still get the same amount of light while staying safely within the maximum wattage allowed.  Check brightest headlight bulbs for more info.

You should find the right color of white for your bulb. White light bulbs will come with a color case. It can range from warm, yellow light of the traditional incandescent light bulb to the cool, blue light of daylight and even something between the two. The terms such as warm and cool are not standard across all manufacturers. The best way you can get a directly fitting replacement is by looking at the color temperature which is usually measured in degrees Kelvin. Smart LED lights have the capability of changing their color in various shades of white and can produce some colors too. They are a better fit since different colors may work better for different tasks. Visit  for other references.

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